Gravity experiments and Laughs

imageI spent my morning experimenting with gravity in my English literacy class. I love the opportunities for hands-on learning with my students because it’s a way to engage all my students, no matter what their English proficiency is. It also gives me the chance to be a little more entertaining with my students and to get a laugh out of them.

One of the corners of my table is infamous for gossiping in Spanish. I tried to engage them in joining me in hypothesizing which of two objects would fall faster when dropped at the same time. I was feeling mischievous in getting their attention, so I grabbed one of my student’s phones and pretended that I would drop it in my experiment. The classroom teacher panicked when she saw me posed, ready to drop the phone. My little threat got a good laugh out of my learners, and at least caught their attention for the rest of the activity.


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