Recharging through Mother Mary

imageThis weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Pembroke, MA for a silent retreat led by members of Opus Dei. It was a much anticipated escape to take some time to recharge my spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental batteries.

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was praying the rosary on the retreat grounds with the five other women I was with. As we prayed, we followed the road around the retreat center, soaking in the rare warm November air and the beautiful New England scenery, to a grotto hidden within the nearby forest. I had experienced spiritual dryness and frustration the night before during the retreat, but the rosary walk lifted my spirits. Most talks I’ve heard by Opus Dei, including the ones during the retreat, have always concluded with emphasizing the importance of finding Christ through Mary. Praying the rosary affirmed this point for me, and led me to the resolution of asking for Mary’s motherly guidance as I move forward in learning about the faith and trying to figure a few other things out along the way.



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