Claiming a Mentor

I met with one of the graduate clinical faculty to discuss how to prepare for transitioning to a new supervisor in my school placement and for some personal advice. As in the phonology lab I participated in this semester, she provided helpful and valuable insight and advice. I had come into the meeting a little nervous because I wanted to discuss how to problem-solve in managing my anxiety for next semester. Her calm demeanor and manner of delivering her messages made me feel comfortable in trusting and discussing the issue with her. She sympathized with me, supported me in my decision for how I wanted to lighten my load next semester, and provided advice for how to handle stress.

Throughout my academic career, people have emphasized the importance of finding a mentor. This semester I started realizing the importance of having someone to turn to for professional advice and wanted to set out to find someone. At first the task seemed daunting, since I wasn’t close to any professors and am not one to pop into office hours. I had not interacted with the faculty member I spoke to today during previous semesters, but I got a good impression of her when she supervised one of my sessions earlier this semester and offered to sit down with me to share constructive advice about my performance. The fact that she was willing to talk with me today and that she offered support and asked me to keep her updated with how I was doing made me realize that I had found someone to be my mentor.


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