A visit to Plattsburgh

This past weekend, I flew up to Plattsburgh, NY for a best friend’s graduation from SUNY-Plattsburgh with a Master’s in Education. Below I’ve shared some of my favorite snapshots from the weekend. Aside from the moments captured below, I very much enjoyed spending time with her family, some of whom I have met before. They were a fun, rambunctious crowd. I had heard plenty of stories about them over the years that I’ve known my friend, and I was glad to finally spend some time in their company. Sharing conversations and meals with them throughout the weekend allowed for a nice escape from the school environment, and to remember what it’s like to be in a warm, family setting, which I was looking forward to upon finishing my exams. Another highlight of the weekend was spending some good quality time with my friend, given that I hadn’t seen her since my graduation in May and we don’t know when we’ll see each other next. My favorite part in hanging out with her was hosting our own lip synch battle. I nailed lip-synching for Taylor Swift’s Blank Space, which I’ve practiced way too many times during study breaks. We also had a blast singing/lip-synching to Idina Menzel’s Let it Go, a classic that doesn’t seem to get old for some of us.

Going up to New York meant sacrificing time for studying for my exams. In addition, my classmates and adviser were baffled by the fact that I traveled the weekend before exams. I was relaxed in going up because I had already checked out from school at least two weeks ago and was never really one to worry about exams. Aside from those two points, one piece of advice I’ve read or heard (from Boy Meets World), is that sometimes you have to give up time from your usual responsibilities to allow room for one-in-a-lifetime opportunities or to support important people in your life. I’m not the best at balancing school and work responsibilities with those for my friends and family, especially since I usually prioritize the latter. In the times that I do overlook schoolwork, I remind myself of this advice, knowing in the long run having spent a weekend celebrating with a friend had more of an impact than hiding away studying for an exam.


She’s now a “Mastah”!


I had bragged about being very much into frosting and grabbed one of the corner pieces with the most frosting. I was teased for being unable to finish the final frosting flower for all the talk I had before about liking frosting.


Dusty and Demon, some other pals I made this weekend.


I enjoyed the delicious taste of Tim Horton’s coffee for the first time


Beautiful view outside of my friend’s grandparents’ home


Saying farewell at the airport. See you again soon!



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