Impromptu cheesecake to celebrate the end

20141216_212753 20141216_220518

For part of my celebration of finishing the semester, I headed to the Prudential Center, one of the malls in Boston. I felt that I needed time out in the city as I wrapped up the semester before I headed home. As I spent some time reflecting on the semester and sending thank you’s to people who had really helped me out this semester, I realized how much of a craving my sweet tooth had. My roommate and I had originally planned to bake cookies that night, but upon texting her we both decided to meet up at the mall’s Cheesecake Factory instead. I treated myself to some nice Moscato wine, chicken lettuce tacos, and the Godiva cheesecake. I’m usually someone who’s always on her feet running errands or getting to class or a meeting, so I very much appreciated being able to sit back and relax a little bit with some good food before having to finish up all final responsibilities before heading home for break.


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