20141225_212404   20141226_172019

20141226_132618I always enjoy the routines that go into hosting a family dinner party. I’m not much of a cook, so I usually take charge of setting the table, arranging fruit, and preparing dessert. My brother, who is an expert at preparing meat, has been testing out new dishes for the past few dinners, such as roast beef last Christmas and goose for a family gathering this year. During the dinner, I like transporting dishes from the kitchen to the dining room, fetching tea or coffee for the guests once they are finished with dinner, and carrying over the post-dinner treats. From my younger days, I still enjoy carrying over the dirty plates and utensils and scrubbing them down once the guests have left. My favorite chore at the end has always been drying the utensils my mom had just washed and placing them accordingly into a fancy box we keep them in for these occasions. The skills I have acquired for these dinners have served me when I worked catering for university commencement events. I only hope that I know enough to manage my own dinner parties some day!


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