Good times over sushi

Over the course of three days, I had two opportunities for sushi with very different crowds.


Monkey rolls


Mochi ice cream

A couple of weekends ago, we went out for a belated birthday dinner for my cousin. A fanatic of seafood and sushi, he always selects a Japanese restaurant for this occasion. This time it was Maki Sushi & Noodle Shop in Park Ridge, IL. For us in the younger generation, it’s always fun to watch our older family members, whose palates haven’t been exposed to much beyond Polish cuisine for the majority of their lives. With their limited experience, they make assumptions, such as thinking that the tofu in miso soup is actually cheese, and are baffled by the idea of eating raw fish. Fortunately, everyone always manages to select a food item they enjoy.


Friends posing with one of their failed attempts at making sushi


My attempt, arranged nicely by one of my friends

Not too long after the restaurant, a friend of mine hosted a get-together involving home-made sushi. I always enjoy opportunities to watch my friends share their cooking talents. I had fun taking part in preparing sticky rice and slicing up vegetables for the task. We shared some good laughs in the process of making our own sushi as some of our rolls fell apart, or didn’t even fully roll together because they were overstuffed. Regardless of whether the attempts were successful, they were all thoroughly enjoyed.


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