Annual Family Ski Trip

Last week my family went on our third annual ski trip to welcome the New Year. We changed things up this time around and headed north to Wisconsin’s Granite Peak in place of Chestnut Mountain in Illinois.

It was a great week of family time. Granite Peak had a great selection of slopes, with more options for the novices like me. Because my brother and cousin tend to go out and brave the more difficult slopes, I had the chance to spend time with my dad. It was nice to have some father-daughter time since we usually don’t spend any quality time together. I didn’t have too good of a start in skiing, with blunders such as leading my dad and me to a slope that was too difficult for us. By the end, I became more comfortable with my stance and speed. I ended up giving into a third day of skiing, which I had originally not planned for. That day I proudly practiced for just under 2 hours one of the intermediate slopes, pushing my skills to to get to another level.

While we spent the early afternoons conquering slopes, in the evenings my brother, cousin, and I headed to the hotel pool. I couldn’t even remember the last time I had stepped into chlorinated water. It was a good way to relax after four hours of skiing. After the pool, the three of us reconvened to play the card game 13, watch college football, and maybe have some hot chocolate, or in my case, Moscato wine or champagne. Overall, the week was another great experience to add to our collection of family trip memories.


View of the slopes


Feeling accomplished after my last run on an intermediate slope


With my ski partner my first two days, my dad


All bundled up for skiing

Enjoying a childhood past time

Enjoying a childhood past time


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