Family photos and stories


My brother, cousin, and I at my brother’s Baptism

Scan_20150103 (2)

A snapshot of our reactions on rides in Disneyland

One night my mom decided to pull out old family albums to flip through. I enjoyed listening to her point out to some of my baby pictures and tell the stories behind them or laugh at my crying or happy expressions. I was mainly baffled by the fact that my mom had me and managed to care for me at the age I am now.

As we looked through the photos, we managed to find a few that gave us some good hard laughs, including the ones above. The first one was hilarious in the fact that my cousin, on the far left, looks so angelic and clean compared to the longer shaggy hair, and thin, acne-covered face he has now. The second photo made us laugh purely for the contrast in reactions among my brother, my dad, and myself.

After looking through the photos, my mom went on to share some stories from her childhood. My parents rarely reminisce about growing up in rural Poland, given that they had grown up during the Communist Era. Along with the stories I heard when going through the albums, I consider these moments that my mom talks about her memories as gems, since they contribute to explaining my family and the values we hold.


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