Cookie monsters

20150113_185820The other night I had a dear friend come over to bake cookies. We had met while being floor mates a few years ago and bonded over watching new How I Met Your Mother episodes on a weekly basis. We have remained friends since, and I am grateful for our friendship. I have been blessed with her offering the support I have needed in the past few months as I’ve been handling anxiety and figuring out how to move on. In turn I have also done my best to be there for her when she’s needed someone to talk to. It’s great that we can lean on each other in moments of trial.

The company was much appreciated. I spent some time hashing out a few things that are still weighing on my head from a difficult week, to which she patiently listened to. We made time to be a little silly while baking, with teasing ourselves in eating the raw dough and making large cookies for ourselves. We spent the remainder of the night watching sitcoms, including the heart-warming Full House.

I have always valued friendships that have remained even after living situations have changed. I am glad that this “dearie” has continued to stick around.


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