Comfort in old company


My freshman year of college I got to know some upperclassman that I still run into and look up to 5 years later. This evening I had the option of running into a couple of them. I grabbed dinner with one friend who I refer to as one of my “Polish sisters” in Boston. She had introduced me to the Speech Pathology major in the first week of my undergrad career and helped me out in learning more about the field when I wanted to abandon my biology major. She is a strong, beautiful woman powered by faith whom I admire and aspire to have the joy that she shares with others. After our dinner, we both headed to a nearby church which housed a young Catholic adult meeting she helps organizes. I dropped into the meeting at the end after some prayer time to see if I’d run into familiar faces. I did in fact see another friend I met early in undergrad. Due to a prank my freshman year, he is listed on my phone as Velociraptor Guard and continues to text me alerts about oncoming velociraptor invasions. Aside from his goofiness, I have always enjoyed listening to him share his knowledge, particularly about language and the International Phonetic Alphabet. Seeing both friends was comforting for me. I appreciate that out of the people that I met early in my college career, I am still in touch with those I consider my role models and know I can turn to for support and mentorship.


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