Chilling with some guys

20150119_173902I grew up with a brother and a cousin. My high school gang is mostly male. Despite these relationships that have lasted either all my life or nearly a decade, I’ve felt that I’m short on solid male friendships. I’m fortunate that one of my closest friends is a guy who I trust and can share some great laughs and conversations with. Nonetheless, I’ve recognized the need to seek out more male friendships to have more exposure to their perspective on life issues and to turn to for advice, particularly when approaching dating.

I was invited to see the Goya exhibit in Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts by an alumnae from my university. He graduated my freshman year, yet I’ve still managed to run into him around the city. We were joined by another alumnae we know and a young guy from the Catholic young adult group both alumni attend. Given that there was free admission, there was plenty of waiting involved throughout the day, including getting into the museum and then into the exhibit. The annoyance of standing and waiting were offset by the humorous company and great conversations. My favorite part was the comedic critique we shared while walking around the Goya exhibit. We ended the night at a restaurant the alumni and I are familiar with to continue conversation over dinner and a pitcher of sangria.

It was refreshing not only to be with a new crew of people, but also to participate and listen to a style of conversation different from what I usually get when hanging out with other women. While conversations with women usually turn to drama and gossip, conversations with these guys included some references to current events along with unfiltered puns and jokes. Even though I don’t always know how to respond, I find these conversations more entertaining and engaging. I hope to continue to run into them, and to accept their invitation to stop by their young adult group when my schedule permits.


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