Finding myself through old friendships

In the past few days, I have been very fortunate to be in contact with people whom I love but have struggled to be in touch with since they moved away to pursue new goals. These were friends whom I have shared many great moments with, including the times that they challenged me to think in new ways that helped me grow or were there to support me during a difficult time. Since they moved, one by one, I began to sense a void that I haven’t done the best job in trying to fill in. I searched fulfillment in relationships that I continued to pursue even when they weren’t filling the void and left me feeling desperate and lonely when my expectations for trust, comfort, and love weren’t met. Over time, these disappointments have led me into an emotional low that has been difficult to climb back out of. I’ve recognized that I didn’t feel like the same optimistic, cheerful woman I once was, and have been longing to encounter that woman again. In catching up and unburdening myself to the friends that I have a stronger, deeper connection with, I’ve started to see a change that’s been allowing me to lift myself up again. I had been searching for answers in how I can return to who I once was, and I’ve finally realized that it is by nurturing contact with the women who knew that version of me and who had once built me up and are still willing to do so. I am so thankful to have come across this realization, and I look forward to the fruits that will come of committing to speaking with these friends more often.


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