Sharing the joy of baking

20150131_133637Baking is a great stress relief for me. It’s also been a great way for me to connect with friends and classmates by inviting them to bake with me or by sharing the baked product with them.

Last week I finally fulfilled my desire to bake banana bread, my favorite treat to make. I already had plenty of sweets at home from my birthday, so I decided to bring a container of the bread along with me when I headed to campus for meetings. After situating myself in the main room in the Speech Pathology department, I offered the bread to a couple of faculty members. Upon my return to the room from a meeting, I found the note above from the Senior Program Assistant. It made me smile to know my bread had been enjoyed. I continued to receive compliments from other classmates and a professor as they passed through and grabbed a piece.

I’m usually someone who keeps to myself and haven’t been as proactive in outreach as I had been in undergrad. Baking has become my main way of reaching out to others and forming relationships with them without putting too much effort. Actions sometimes do truly speak louder than words in a conversation when developing relationships with classmates and colleagues.


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