In His Hands

I used to be very involved in the Catholic faith during my early years in undergrad, but my passion for growing in the faith has weaned over the past couple of years. I have recently been trying to get back into the faith since it used to offer me a great sense of comfort that I’m now searching for as I try to build myself up after a nasty funk with anxiety, relationship troubles, and other struggles over the past year. It was also through my participation in the faith that I have developed intimate friendships in the past. I’ve missed surrounding myself around people who ask the deeper questions and to whom I can look up to. I am slowly bringing these connections back in my life.

This weekend I attended a seminar titled “Discerning the Will of God” taught by Fr. Tim Gallagher. He focused on St. Ignatius’ approach to making life decisions and aligning them to our end, which is to praise and serve God in all that we do. The seminar happened at the right time for me as I’m struggling to wrap my head around several life decisions, including a couple of friendships that I’ve been having trouble with. I’ve been repeatedly rummaging through my head how I should approach these friendships, especially since I l don’t trust any direction I consider. Thinking that I can add a supernatural element to these situations, which means bringing in an all-knowing God who desires what’s best for me and could guide me in the right direction, leaves me with peace. What do I have to lose, throwing my hands up and risk trusting that a greater being will take care of the relationships as long as I do my part? I’m stuck in terms of what else I can do, and I’ve been going in circles with possible solutions and in venting to friends. It’s time to try something new, and to give up some control in the situation to make room for trusting that if I place the friends in His hands, He’ll offer the best solution.


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