I just remembered how I had originally started this blog to participate in the 100 Happy Day Challenge with some friends. I resumed the challenge a few months after it ended because I thought it would help in recovering after a painful break up with my boyfriend (let’s be real though, when do break ups go well?).

I don’t remember whether I had intended to only do this challenge for 100 days as in the first round of writing in this blog. As I was browsing through my posts just now, I decided to check when the 100th day would have been since I started writing again. Turns out the final day was almost 3 weeks ago. I should’ve taken a hint when I received a notification around that time that I had at least 200 posts on this blog…

My response to the realization that I’ve been blogging for so long? Huzzah! I feel so fortunate for having decided back in October to start writing again. Four months later, I’m still struggling with the break up that motivated me to return to the blog. The reality of the break up and its consequences are now sinking in after having finally initiated breaking off communication from my ex for the time being. It’s been a difficult time, and I have been looking back to last semester and winter break with brokenness and disappointment. I’m uplifted by seeing the snapshots I captured and shared on this blog. They remind me that I through the pain I have had some highlights, however small they might have been.

I definitely will continue writing in this blog. I have been meaning to find a new theme since I want to transition into posting items that others can relate to, rather than sharing a personal social highlight. I’ll try to squeeze in some time to consider what direction I can take this blog in. In the meantime, thank you to all who have been following. I hope the blog has in some way served as a reminder to find ways for cracking even the smallest smile.


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