Running shoes


This past summer I decided to get into running. I highly enjoyed it, and started considering participating in the BAA 5K in April. The idea became a reality last week when I registered for it with a couple friends. I’m pretty psyched, especially since it’s my first race. I’ve also been trying to grow by setting more goals in my life, and am pleased to have added this as something to work towards.

During training, I’ve been learning a lot about running form and some crucial essentials for successful running. As part of my training, I finally got around to buying myself a decent pair of running shoes, an investment I was willing to make. I’m satisfied by the support they give, and trust they will be great companions along the way. I also hope they’ll help eliminate shin splints I’ve been experiencing in learning the ropes of running.

I’m looking forward to training and the fruit of it when I run in a few months!


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