Study habits


Over the past few semesters I’ve fallen out of having good study habits. I’m more disorganized than I have ever been, as evidenced by the hassle of getting together late assignments and dealing with the frustration with foegetting to take some tests home with me to write an evaluation this weekend. I promised myself that I would make the best out of my last academic semester. I’ve had a rocky start, and the numerous snow days have kept me from establishing a solid study routine. One achievement I’ve had though is carefully reading and taking notes on a chapter for a quiz this week. Even my roommate noted she hasn’t seen me work this hard so far. I’m glad to be building up good study habits again, even though they feel last minute as I’ll be done with classes in May. Nonetheless, I’m sure that dedicating myself to proper studying will help me develop the skills I need for planning, time management, etc. that will come im handy when studying for comps and starting a professional career.


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