Girl Talk Pt 2

This morning I met up with the campus FOCUS missionary mentioned in this previous post. She is an all-around wonderful person to spend time with. She always emanates joy, and is always willing to provide comfort, empathy, love, prayers, and advice when needed. I had been aiming to gain more Catholic female friendships over the past few months, so naturally I gravitated toward this missionary when I met her. I turned to her during my difficult days last semester, and am very grateful for the moments when she took the time to listen and to guide me through my decisions. I hope that in moving forward with our friendship I can help her grow as she has helped me heal!

Fortunately, we have shared some light-hearted, happy moments, such as our coffee date today, in addition to the times when I turned to her to have a should to cry on or to vent. We shared reflections and laughs on relationships, faith, medicine, and even tattoo preferences over a chai tea latte and an herbal tea. Our conversation was a bright start to the morning and a great break from my mundane dates with my assignments.


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