Appreciation for mornings

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been making an effort to wake up earlier in the morning. This has given me the chance to settle into the day by taking time for reflection and prayer, as well as for pacing myself in getting everything together for the day. I’ve liked sacrificing the extra half hour or so of sleep in order to allow myself to ease into the day rather than having to rush out the door.

Waking up early benefited me yesterday by giving me the chance to get a head start on a weekly assignment that I would usually procrastinate. In addition, I got to leave my apartment early for my first class. In having some time to spare before walking into the classroom building, I took the opportunity to take in the warmer winter day (warm for Boston!) and the view of the snow, which has started to look nonthreatening with smaller mounds.


Lately I’ve been feeling that I’ve been on the go a lot with little time to enjoy myself. Having that quiet moment yesterday morning allowed me to recollect myself and to quiet my stress and thoughts in order to take on the day ahead. I hope to continue to take advantage of the quietness and stillness of mornings.

Challenge: Consider a time of day that you find most relaxing. Mornings? Mid-day? Before you get to bed? Try to take at least a half hour to yourself during those times.


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