ILP Humor

A day of tutoring at the ILP is never dull. From the moment I step into the classroom, I encounter plenty of jovial banter and laughter shared among the students and teachers. Yesterday was no exception. I got a full account from one of my learners about how his co-workers kept warm during the cold of winter with a swig of Cognac from their pockets. I had a learner comment on going up to heaven after living a good life, going down to hell if you were a bad person, and another learner responding to him by saying he’ll just keep going straight after death to avoid being sent down to hell. As always a learner from Africa was admired for the Spanish skills she’s acquired in the time she’s been in the program. A learner supported me by offering life advice to finish school before seeking love. Hearing vignettes from my learners’ lives and participating in friendly teasing with them are always the highlight of my week.


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