Pre-departure stop

As I headed out from my school placement yesterday with my suitcase in hand and the excitement of going home for a few days, I decided to make a stop at Harvard Square before hopping on to the T to the airport. It was a pleasant, relaxed little escape before leaving the Boston area.

I popped into Cardullo’s Gourmet Shoppe for an early dinner where I purchased a fresh Parisian sandwich with peppered ham, cheese, and sliced apple. I love the fresh deli taste of sandwiches, especially since I’ve been very spoiled in growing up with fresh deli meat from the family Polish deli back home.


I then stopped by the Harvard COOP to pass the time I had left. Recently I’ve started to enjoy pursuing through bookstores, checking out what books are out and reading a few snippets from short light-hearted, advising books. I skimmed through the one below, and I couldn’t help leaving the store without it. I found some valuable advice within its covers that I wanted to hold on to and to remember. I hope it can help me make some positive changes!



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