Clinical achievement unlocked!

One of my students is very difficult to work with because of his low frustration tolerance. A lot of my group sessions with him have been unproductive with him keeping his head on the table and refusing to participate. Earlier this week I took the chance to speak with the speech pathologist who worked with him last year. She explained to make lessons into games rather than pure instruction in order to reel him in and make him excited about the topic.

For my group session with him today I tried to be as mellow with him as possible and to keep activities engaging but simple.  It all worked! He just put his head down briefly and covered his eyes for the start of the lesson, but he eventually stopped hiding and participated. He did so well that I awarded him the max number of stickers that a student can earn for doing “outstanding” work. I was relieved and happy that he got something out of the lesson. I look forward to workong with him more now that I know how to approach him!


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