Catholic Women’s Night


Last night I was blessed to attend a Women’s Night organized by a few friends at their apartment for the female students of the campus Catholic Center. It was a night of great conversation and reflections filled with so much joy, laughter, and love. A number of women, including myself, contributed written witnesses, while a few others presented their witnesses orally to the group. These witnesses covered personal struggles faced by women our age, including body image, relationships, and self-worth. It was humbling and empowering to share our stories.

Having gone through a difficult year with struggles in relationships, my faith, and self-acceptance, I felt so comforted to know that other women have struggled in the same areas as me. It was affirming to receive the comments above for my witness. From listening to the other women, I’ve accepted the fact that healing is a process that cannot be rushed, and that so much growth can come out of the process once you allow yourself to recognize the pain rather than ignoring it. Most importantly, I was reminded of the one solution I haven’t tried in my own healing and growth, which was to turn to God for support.


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