Easter festivities

My, I haven’t written here consistently in a while! Graduate school has taken over my life to the point that sometimes I’ve forgotten to take pleasure in the little things. Time to return to writing to be reminded of them more often!

The past week leading up to Easter had its share of graudate school trials, which left me with averaging 3 hours of sleep a night. Fortunately I was blessed to have a best friend stay over for the week. She was in for some doctor’s visits and I was busy with school, but we still managed to see each other and share some great “chicken soup for the soul”, as I refer to the times that we spend together. The timing of her visit was perfect with all the stress of school I was going through, among other things, and I was happy to have her around for Easter!


Other then my friend’s visit, the week was good with all the Easter services to attend. The services gave me an opportunity to run into and reconnect with alumni and friends I’ve looked up to and am blessed to know. Even though the few days before Easter are supposed to be solemn, they were filled with jovial and much-needed socializing.

I concluded the week by serving a traditional Polish dinner for friends with all the food my family would serve for Easter brunch, including carrot salad, kielbasa, Polish ham, pierogi, and bread. I was inspired to do so by the care package my parents had sent me and links of Polish dinners that my roommate was sending me. I traveled all the way to a packed Polish deli in South Boston with my roommate to pick up additional food. It was wonderful to relive a little bit of the tradition I have grown up with and to share it with friends.




Also, my roommate and I finally get to feast on all the chocolate we’ve accumulated from care packages, birthday gifts, etc.image

Overall, I had some solid Easter festivities that have rejuvenated me to power through the rest of the semester. Only three more class meetings and 4 more weeks at my placement!


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