Race Day!

It finally came: the BAA 5K! I’d been anticipating this event since the summer when I started running on a regular basis. I fell off my routine in the fall semester, but picked it up again in January, determined to be able to run in the race. I had to take a few breaks from running while training, with twisting my ankle due to pure clumsiness in February and getting sick from the combination of stress and little sleep over spring break. Nonetheless I was able to get back on track in order to have the stamina for running 3.1 miles!

Us runners enjoyed perfect weather conditions, a great crowd, and beautiful Boston scenery. I loved and felt empowered by the energy and excitement of all the runners, as well as the diversity in ages and running experience. The 5K, was well as the Marathon a couple days later, unite the city as one and remind us of the resilience we showed two years ago in dealing with the marathon attacks. This city doesn’t stop going!

I’m so proud of myself and my friends for completing the race. Looks like commitment to training paid off! Now I have a benchmark time (30:39) for me to beat next time I run!

After the race my friends and I enjoyed breakfast at the chocolate restaurant Max Brenner’s. Soon as I got home I plopped into bed and took a 5 hour nap! All that energy wore me off!


Pre-race selfie with friends!


Running towards the Citgo sign


Crossing the marathon finish line


White chocolate pecan apple french toast. Yum!

Sidenote: The day kept going for me with some swing dancing in the evening. It was one of my best nights of dancing! There was excellent music by the Solomon Douglas Heptet and a great, crowd as always.



I love getting into the swing of running. I appreciate the endorphin wave that washes away the stress of school and helps me put things into perspective. The exercise reminds me the importance of self-discipline as I push myself to prepare to run in a 5K in a month and how its needed in other parts of my life. Most importantly, it gives me some ME time, which I don’t usually set aside time for.

Running shoes


This past summer I decided to get into running. I highly enjoyed it, and started considering participating in the BAA 5K in April. The idea became a reality last week when I registered for it with a couple friends. I’m pretty psyched, especially since it’s my first race. I’ve also been trying to grow by setting more goals in my life, and am pleased to have added this as something to work towards.

During training, I’ve been learning a lot about running form and some crucial essentials for successful running. As part of my training, I finally got around to buying myself a decent pair of running shoes, an investment I was willing to make. I’m satisfied by the support they give, and trust they will be great companions along the way. I also hope they’ll help eliminate shin splints I’ve been experiencing in learning the ropes of running.

I’m looking forward to training and the fruit of it when I run in a few months!

Day 86: Running Start


My goal this year is to run at least one 5k, most likely the BAA one in April. I’m neither an althlete nor a runner, so building up some speed and endurance will take time.

I took my first steps today by pushing myself to run. Yeah I struggled and didn’t have the best time for the distance I planned for myself, but I’m just happy that I got myself out there. Once I got a good rhythm going, I realized that I enjoy running. It’ll take some motivation to get into a running schedule, but I’m willing to commit.