Let’s get some shoes!

20150201_105339I have been overdue in getting decent pairs of shoes for swing dancing, professional wear, and rainy weather. I am not a big fan of shoe shopping, as I get overwhelmed by all the selections and usually fail to find shoes in my size. I was fortunate to have a friend who is more skilled at this endeavor than I am to come along with me. While I gave up in under 5 mins last time I when looking for shoes, my friend lifted my spirits in finding plenty of pairs that fit nicely and could serve the purposes I needed them for. I am so excited to finally have a selection of shoes I am happy with and am no longer stuck wearing my snow boots everywhere I go.


Love at first sight


While shopping for a gift for a friend, I came across this adorable little guy. I originally planned to get it for her, until I came across a plush toy that was even better. After carring the penguin around for so long, I actually became emotionally attached to it and could not put it down. I decided to get it for myself, and have not let it out of my sight since.

Live, love, Loft


Today was a designated shopping day with my roommate. I was due for a wardrobe update, and it was nice just to get out. I bought an assortment of items, including a Christmas gift for my roommate, Christmas cards, and Red Sox ornaments for myself, yet the priority was to find a holiday dress and some other clothing items.

I didn’t have much shopping success at first. Out of desperation for a holiday dress, I bought the first one that was somewhat acceptable and ended up buying two others at the following stores I visited that were a bit better. I finally struck some success when I stepped into Loft, a store I used to visit often. I had been discouraged by shopping earlier in the day, but Loft lifted my spirits when I started finding outfits that fit my taste and my figure. My favorite item was the sweater above. I scored at Loft with a sale that saved me $115. It was a good end to 7hrs of shopping.

Taking a Breather


In place of doing some homework today, I got around to taking care of some errands. I popped into TJ Maxx to find some decent oven mitts to offset any more risks of burning myself. I left the store with a couple of new sweatpants and the slippers above. It was refreshing to go out and do something for myself by running errands. I also spend little on myself, so I was pleased to make the essential purchases I made today, particularly the slippers.