Thanksgiving away from home

Today I celebrated my first Thanksgiving away from home. I was fortunate to share a meal with some great company in a friend’s apartment out in Somerville, MA. Everyone contributed a dish that came together nicely for a fulfilling and delicious traditional Thanksgiving dinner. After stuffing ourselves, we spent the rest of the evening laughing to Whose Line is it Anyway? while fitting dessert into whatever pockets we still had left in our stomachs. On our way home we got to walk through some lightly falling snow, which was the perfect end to the evening.


Aside from the meal, what made me most happy today were the messages I received from family throughout the day. Blessings from my dad, old photos from my mom, obscure snapchats from my brother, and a snarky Thanksgiving wish from my cousin were just a few of the messages I received today that made me feel connected to my family even though I did not spend the holiday with them. My family is not very sentimental, and it’s only been recently that we’ve warmed up to showing more appreciation to each other. I have been learning to recognize my love for them the longer that I have been away. I look forward to spending time with all of them in just 3 weeks.

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